UAW Local 1714

Consumer Affairs & Union Label

The Consumer Affairs Committee strives to keep the membership informed on truth in lending, truth in packaging, truth in advertising, labels on products, consumer fraud, etc. - a very vital and important committee so that each member can obtain maximum value for monies spent. Services in this area are provided by the Consumer Affairs Department of the International Union.

The Union Label Committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting those goods produced in union shops, by union members under the union-won working conditions. This committee also helps bring to the attention of our members those products produced under non-union conditions and by anti-labor manufacturers. The committee also keeps members informed of items on the "boycott" list.

Members of the Consumer Affairs/Union Label Committee: Vicki Adriano, Chairperson, Linda Watson and Janie Valentin.

The Consumer Affairs/Union Label Committee have strived to advocate for members with consumer issues and provide many products and services to the members through the years. Socially, they host an annual pool tournament.

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