UAW Local 1714

Conservation & Recreation

Conservation & Recreation Committee

The Conservation & Recreation Committee deals with environmental concerns and works to develop well-rounded events giving opportunity to our members to become better acquainted with each other outside of the workplace. The committee helps assure that the added leisure made possible through better contracts becomes a real contribution to a better life for our members and their families. Services in this area are provided by the Recreation Department of the International Union.

Members on the local's Recreation Committee are: Cheryl Papalios (Chairperson), John Degarmo (Co-Chair), Nancy Baldwin, Cindy Geiser, Brittany Belmonte, Michael Dillard, Jeff Terrace, Judy Kimma, Alesha Degarmo, Stacy Tibbs, and Rodney Thompson

The Conservation and Recreation Committee keep our social calendar very busy with events such as historically hosting the local’s Annual Family Picnic and Children’s Christmas Party, and more recently a children’s Halloween Party as well as setting up ‘game days’ to sporting events for the Browns, Tribe, and Cavs.

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