UAW Local 1714

Community Services

The Community Services Committee serves as the locals link with the community, performing the all-important task of getting help for members and their families in time of need. This committee works through public and private organizations to assure that members in emergency situations facing these problems get the needed help. This committee generally handles the strike insurance benefits. Service in this area is provided by the Community Services Department of the International Union.

Members of the Community Services Committee are: James Kelly (Chairperson), Ewa Piskor, Ernie Long, James London, Cynthia Cayson, Cindy Allen, Kevin Barone, Theresa Arcuri, Erick Belmer, Steve Haefke, Tracie Brown, and James McGowan

The Community Services Committee holds many fundraising events, including an annual golf outing, to raise funds for their toys for children and food basket program during the holiday season.

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