UAW Local 1714


The Election Committee is responsible for conducting Local Union's elections in accordance with the International Union's Constitution and Local Union bylaws, conducting fair and honest elections.

An Election Committee of fourteen (14) members is nominated and elected by secret ballot at the regular membership meeting January following the year in which the Local Union officers is held. The seven (7) members with the highest vote count constitutes the Election Committee and the succeeding seven (7) members by vote count constitute the alternates.

1. Jack Norling (Chairperson)
2. Sasha McGregor (Co-Chair)
3. James McGowan
4/5/6. Jessica Bryson
4/5/6. Jeff Dawes
4/5/6. Mark Masterson, Jr.
7. Trish Brown


8. Charlene Long
9. John DeGarmo
10. Angela Carpenter
11. Kim Coates
12. Shaena McGinnis
13. Joe O'Brien
14. Cheri Papalios


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