UAW Local 1714


To report to the membership all national, state and local legislation issues affecting the welfare of the workers. Read more >>>

The Chaplaincy Committee's was formed in March 1992. Their special mission is to give extended care to members in crisis situations such as hospitalization, dying, divorce, grief and other family and spiritual issues. Also to console, to comfort, to listen, to understand, and to be caring friends to everyone in need of the Chaplaincy Committee's service. Read more >>>

The Civil & Human Rights Committee assures the full rights of all members of the union, regardless of their religion, age, nationality, race, color, sex, creed, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. The committee keeps the members informed on steps and procedures when members believe these rights have been violated, either by the management or by other union members. Services in this area are provided by the Fair Practices Department of the International Union. Read more >>>

The Community Services Committee serves as the locals link with the community, performing the all-important task of getting help for members and their families in time of need. This committee works through public and private organizations to assure that members in emergency situations facing these problems get the needed help. This committee generally handles the strike insurance benefits. Service in this area is provided by the Community Services Department of the International Union. Read more >>>

The Conservation & Recreation Committee deals with environmental concerns and works to develop well-rounded events giving opportunity to our members to become better acquainted with each other outside of the workplace. The committee helps assure that the added leisure made possible through better contracts becomes a real contribution to a better life for our members and their families. Services in this area are provided by the Recreation Department of the International Union. Read more >>>

The Constitution & By-Laws is responsible for drawing up the "operating rules" of the local for presentation to the membership for action of their approval. Read more >>>

The Consumer Affairs Committee strives to keep the membership informed on truth in lending, truth in packaging, truth in advertising, labels on products, consumer fraud, etc. - a very vital and important committee so that each member can obtain maximum value for monies spent. Services in this area are provided by the Consumer Affairs Department of the International Union. Read more >>>

The Education Committee responsibilities are to educate and train union members, building the power of the union movement. This committee holds orientation for new members, and provides classes, material and information based on the needs of the membership. Films, material, outlines, and guides developed to help them inform the membership on issues, train new stewards and committeemen, and mobilize greater solidarity are provided to the committee by the Education Department of the International Union. Read more >>>

The Election Committee is responsible for conducting Local Union's elections in accordance with the International Union's Constitution and Local Union bylaws, conducting fair and honest elections. Read more >>>

The Next Committee was formed in 2013, by the President & Shop Chairman, with the intent to educate our younger seniority members on the history of the UAW and the concern of the consequences of right to work and other anti-union legislation and hindrance on the labor force and all of the middle class. Read more >>>

The Veteran's Committee is a vital link to inform the membership on issues and rights afforded to our Veterans and their families in this local union. Read more >>>

The Women's Committee works to inform, educate and further the gains of women in the workplace and society. The committee encourages women to become active in local, national and community causes and programs and can also conduct programs which are of special interest to women. Read more >>>

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