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Profit Sharing Info


Profit Sharing Payout:

Employees’ eligible for the profit sharing payment can expect to receive payment in Roll 8, payment date of February 24th, 2017.


The profit sharing payment will be taxed at the employees’ W4 rate. Employees are encouraged to use the employee self-service portal to make W4 election changes. Changes can be made on line through the portal up until February 20th, 2017. Employees wishing to claim exempt from Federal taxes, may now do so through the portal.

Update W4 Tax Withholding Elections Online

Employees electing to make Federal tax updates can do so electronically by utilizing ADP Employee Self Service (EES) at https://ssoportal.globalview.

Globalview Portal

Welcome to ADP GlobalView. Enter Credentials (Forgot your user ID?) (Forgot your password?)


W4 Update Instructions:

In the application, enter your ADP iPay User ID and iPay Password.

Note: If you are not registered select the First Time User option

Use Registration Code: GM1-REMU

1. After login, click on Myself then Withholding information.

2. Under Tax Authority select Federal or State.

3. Click the Edit button to change elections.

4. Save updates by selecting Save

Please Note:

1. If filing EXEMPT status, zero tax deductions will be withheld, however your tax liability will be reported on your W2.

2. 2016 EXEMPT status elections expire on February 16, 2017.

3. 2017 EXEMPT status elections expire on February 15, 2018.

4. If your intention is to continue the EXEMPT election year over year, you must update your EXEMPT status yearly.

5. Local taxes updates cannot be made using the ESS application.

6. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE 2016 W-4 FORM IF MANUALLY UPDATING TAX DEDUCTIONS (Form 2015 W-4 will not be accepted for processing)

Deadlines for updating tax deductions to be effective for the 2017 Profit Sharing Payment:

· 2017 W-4 Form should be received by 2/15/2017 COB

· Updates online should be made by 2/20/2017 COB

Assistance is available by contacting:

Payroll Help Desk: 866-245-5957

Email: hourlytimekeepingcent

Due to high volumes, W-4 forms may also be emailed to Due to the large number of requests, employees should not call the payroll call center to request status of their W4 form. Employees may visit the self-service portal to see if their elections have changed.

Direct Deposit:

In an effort to prevent any fraudulent activity, Direct Deposit paper forms will not be accepted starting 2/10/17 through 2/22/17. Employees’ who need to make changes to their direct deposit during this time frame must do so through the Employee Self Service Portal. Forms received during this time frame will be processed beginning on 2/22/17.


Employees’, who elect to defer profit sharing at 100%, should be aware that the deferral is after all legal and regulatory deductions have been taken (e.g. taxes, garnishments, union dues etc.) Once these obligations have been satisfied the remainder of the payment will be deferred. If the employee is receiving payment for profit sharing in the same check as regular wages, the employee’s regular wages may be used to cover any legal and regulatory deductions. Please remember that the amount of profit sharing deferred will be exempt from Federal/State income tax, but will still be subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. Please ensure that employees review the information provided to them by Employee Benefits if they have questions on their deferral.


Any employee who has a current overpayment balance for payroll, relocation or short term disability will have up to 50% of the payment applied to that overpayment.

Paystub Display:

Profit sharing will be displayed on the paystub using the code: PRO SHR

Employees electing to defer profit sharing will see that deferral under the code:


If you have employees’ who are paid via a Pay Card not issued by GM (Green Dot, Metabank, etc) who contact you stating that they did not receive their usual pay on the Card, please instruct them to contact their wage card's financial institution to increase the limit on your card.

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